Styling Mini Handbags : My Periwinkle Mini

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interesting how random you may think an item is, when in actuality it exists in a large abundance.  I always found that strange with my possessions, my initial reaction is how rare and beautiful a piece is and then in a few breaths I realize it’s commonality.  It’s just my gaze was pointing somewhere else.  That was the case with my latest fashion purchase, my periwinkle mini handbag.  When I first stumbled upon it in a local fashion store Classic Circle I was immediately drawn to the amazing colour, I’ve always been a fan of periwinkle from the first Michael Kors bag I saw in that shade.  I was hooked.  But in the store the bag was replicated in more humbled and practical colours, you know black, nude those sort of staples, but that periwinkle man.  Mr. B was in store with me and as any girlfriend would do I swiftly asked him holding both the black and the periwinkle in hand

“Which one do you prefer?”

“The black. I think you’d wear it more often.”

I really don’t know why I asked because I knew I was walking away with the periwinkle.  On top of it all by him suggesting that I wouldn’t be able to to wear the periwinkle beauty as often as the black struck a chord with me.  I took it as a challenge.  Is he challenging my styling skills?  Well Mr. B we shall see who has the last laugh, rather the better outfit. This whole time he has no idea we are head to head in a fashion show down.  Moral of that story was I got the periwinkle babe and she is a beaut.

The whole styling thing did stumble upon me, will I really be able to style it?  I barely see this colour anywhere.  It’s so graceful, my stand alone periwinkle beauty, your colour stands and serves as your majestic horn which separates you from the ever so common black or nude basics.  Or so I thought.  After leaving the plazas that day I returned on another day, and I kid you not, every store I went into had something periwinkle or extremely similar. Where were they before?  Is this a hot new colour in Jamaica?  The only thing next is for me to see more people actually in the colour, styled and everything.  I came to the conclusion that the store owners were not playing tricks on me and it was I who was just not aware of its presence.  Only after appreciating it in my own item made the sartorial beat of my heart yearn for it.  So now that I saw it I can’t stop noticing it.  It’s similar to when someone in your family is having a baby and whenever you walk on the street you see babies and pregnant women, or at least close enough.  It’s been a few weeks, if not months since I’ve had my mini handbag and I have more than already worked out a great cost per wear.  I have worn it everyday (when I like something I get obsessed, hence my boyfriend for 9 years).  I can proudly say I won the fashion battle with Mr.B and have placed my mini with many, borderline too many outfits.  Styling is easy once you know your flair. See you again in a couple of days for a new post and don’t forget to check out my latest youtube upload.  Hit the follow button so you can stay updated with regular blog posts, it’s free plus it would help me out! 

T-shirt dress – || Bag – Classic Circle    

T shirt dressfashion close upstreet style

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Photographs by F. Blake 


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