7 Things You’re Forgetting to Do That Will Change Your Life



that you’ve calmed down from over thinking, wondering what 7 things you’ve forgotten to do, you can relax and enjoy this blog post which serves to educate you. These tips will help you with personal productivity and a small amount of vanity.  You’ll probably think it’s silly after reading them that you actually forgot to do them in the first place. You just had to wait for me to remind you, huh?  No worries after reading this post you’ll know and I’m sure after practicing them you’ll never forget to them again. Do me a favor and spread the word,  these posts can be shared all over social media even whats app, just click more by the share buttons. 

Stuff your handbags!

Stuff your hand bags when you’re not using them.  This goes for any hand bag whether its designer or not.  Usually after a couple of wears your handbag may lose its structured shape and begin to, well, flop around.  To prevent this, stuff your bag with tissue paper, the kind you put in a present box not your double ply.  Fill it to the brim to retain its amazing shape. 

List it!

Pretty self explanatory, make lists. They are the best or one of the best ways to stay organised.  It forces you to stay on track with what ever you’re doing and keeps you in line without straying, let’s say shopping.  Make a list of the pieces you plan on shopping.  Say a new pair of jeans and some tops.  This way you don’t come home without the jeans and five new handbags with your bf staring disappointingly into your eyes.  “Sigh she’s done it again. If only she made a list and checked it twice! “

Exfoliate your body!

 You know how soft and ‘new’ your face looks after a proper scrub?  Your body can look and feel the same way.  So many Beauty companies have body scrubs for this very reason, and if you’re not a fan of store bought products you can create your own with household items that will do virtually the same things.  I’ll redo my diy beauty scrub to help you out.

Condition your leathers!

It’s the worst when you reach for your bag and the coating is stripping.  Is there enough time to re plan your accessories?   In some cases your whole outfit?   A little leather conditioner or natural oil will ensure that they won’t strip. This goes for all leathers, shoes, bags, wallets, straps and saddles.  ALL Leathers!

Clean up and clear out!

This one is a necessity.  Most, if not all of us have hoarding tendencies (admit it or not, you do) and we tend to keep collections of old, empty, no longer in use items.  Old shoes, make-up and broken jewellery that are taking up space and hiding the newer grab worthy pieces.  Clean up and clear out the junk you’re hoarding for a better peace of mind.

Go natural!

Calm down, hold your horses I’m not advocating for the popular right now trend of switching from the comfortable processed hair state to our proud roots, no. I mean oils and such, yeah, the argon, the castor those naturals.  Natural oils are so good for your skin, hair and all around body.  My fav is Aloe Vera and castor oil.  They keep you youthful without putting in too much work or expense.  If you’ve ever seen my mom you’d think she’s a 20 something trying to figure out life but she’s a full fledged won’t state her age here woman!  She honestly looks super young for age and it’s due to the naturals I’m sure.

Pinch a few pennies! 

Pinch a lot more, a few dollars and scents. Put away some money for a rainy day or even a normal day, just ensure that you’re saving. Life is unbelievable unpredictable and loves to mess with out emotions. Having a few extra dollars on hand can really help you out of a tough situation or even better may be used to put a smile on your face knowing you’re financially secure. Open a strict account or get a hard to empty piggy bank and put a little in there as we say in Jamaica ” one one cocoa fill basket.”  A dollar a day will equal 100 after a while just stick at it

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Photographs by F. Blake


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