#Tuesday #SHOESday || Why I Changed My Mind On Perspex Heels

clear boots


think I have a personal vendetta against copycat styles, most recently brought up in my Trends are Ruining Fashion post a few weeks back.  It was a never a thing for me to be like everyone else, even from a young age.  Everyone went left, I went right. Everyone loved colours, I lived in black ( which I later found out wasn’t original) which was completely original to me at the time.  I spent my life trying to be somewhat of an individual, whether it made sense in my mind or not.

I have a serious love hate relationship with trends.  I know their importance and I know there will be mass production so you’re bound to end up in the same outfit and probably styled similarly to some other sartorial influencer on the internet.  But sometimes it’s more of a  “hey I’m cool because I ran on this trend first “ situation instead of ” OMG I can’t live without this fashion piece, I must indulge because it suits my personal style” situation.  Either way that’s exactly what I felt for the clear heel trend, that every young, “trendy” girl wanted a pair because they (clear heels) are hot and happening atm.  But I changed my thoughts on them.

I first noticed Kim Kardashian West wearing them, maybe late last year/ early 2016 and I was indifferent. We were introduced to the barely there, heeled sandal version.  It didn’t really leave me dreaming of a pair but I didn’t hate them, I actually enjoyed the fact that they were different.  Seeing that anything Kim wears turns into a global frenzy companies started mass producing, which lead fast fashion outlets to get on board which made every young girl/ woman run to buy a pair, which turned me of off them completely.  I started seeing the boots which admittedly are pretty cool but the share numbers reminded me of those bad viral videos that you kept on watching even though you hated it and it just kept popping everywhere.  Still fueled with my disgust for them one day I saw an outfit styled with clear heels and I was thinking how great the ensemble was and wondered what other heel would you have worn?  And then I saw the power of the clear heels.  They are perfect when you don’t know what shoe to wear.

They are statement enough to add to the outfit but simple enough to force you to focus on the clothing pieces. I spend so long  trying to find the right shoe and accessories to go with a look but if I had a pair that basically has no colour, no texture, no anything to subtract, then of course I would throw those on.  Though I wouldn’t want a pair (lying the boots are great) because 1, everyone past and present has them and 2, I love the personality of shoes, I love choosing between different pairs and colours for the different occasions because they all have such different personalities. The clear heel is the quiet girl in your science class who is stunningly beautiful but painfully shy who admittedly serves a great purpose. 

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clear strappy

Thank you for stopping by Leveridged Lives. What are your thoughts on the clear heel?  Would you or wouldn’t you? Let me know in the comments below ,

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