How To Transition Your Outfit from Day to Night in 3 Simple Steps


is the age ole question.  If a tree falls in the forest and no one’s around to hear it, does it make a sound?  If I’ve been invited to drinks after work and I live 1 hour away and it takes me  1 hour to get ready, should I show up late or should I plan ahead and transition from day to night?  These are the regular questions that keep us up at night, I’m sure.  Before, it might have been a struggle deciding on what pieces may work for both the office and a night out, but now I’ll give you some tips and a quick guide to help you make a seamless transition from coffee to cocktails. 

corporate day look2 day outfit mood board


Basic Monochrome

Choosing an outfit in a muted colour, or pieces within the same colour palette may help create a smooth transition from day to night. Simplifying the pieces along with colour choice takes away any unwanted attention throughout the switch. This way it doesn’t stand out during the day in the office and it won’t be obnoxious at night, you’ll appear  put together and effortless in a single colour palette. Go for pieces that may be “edited”.   Wearing simple pieces hides their intentions of transitioning from day to night and makes the addition of great jewellery a key staple. Finish of the look by switching out your day time jewellery for night time pieces.   


Change the Mood

Each day I choose an outfit that supports either my current mood or the mood I want to pull off that day.  Sometimes it’s “move over world Robyn is here and you won’t forget it” and others it’s not quite so bold.  But regardless I always have a mood for the day.  Changing your day mood into your night mood will help transform your outfit from day to night by giving of a whole new vibe. In this white ensemble my morning mood was  “I’m badass lady who’s gna get shit done and look good while doing it,”  but I changed my mood for later to  “I’m so cool for wearing sneaks at night with these cool glasses that aren’t even tested #badass.”  A little edit of the outfit and switching up my shoes really transformed this look.


Adding Accessories  

Sticking with the gold theme on my glasses adding some jewellery that really pops against the white will bring out the fun side to this night time look.  The addition of bold jewelry may, in the easiest way, transform your office look smoothly.  This real Gold Bar Necklace from AUrate New York would look amazing layered over my white turtleneck, and for more interest layering a few necklaces can create the right amount of buzz  to give off a more dressy feel for the night’s festivities. Adding a few more items such as rings and bracelets may elevate your entire look. 


night outfit mood board night time fashion look1

Thank you for stopping by Leveridged Lives. I hope these tips helped you with a little day to night transition.

Don’t forget to check out  AUrate New York  for all your real gold pieces including the gold bar necklace mentioned above. 

Photographs by F. Blake




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