Summer 2016 in JAMAICA


rumors and the association that I am Jamaican therefore I live on / walk by a beach everyday are ridiculously exaggerated and the actuality of it is that I might, if it’s a good year go to the beach maybe thrice a year. I understand where the idea comes from, Jamaica is an island and each parish has accessible ocean views and areas to simply explore. But the laid back vibe that we all drink pina coladas and wear bikinis is a hyperized thought. It’s hustle and bustle and non stop grinding out here, so when I say Summer 2016 in Jamaica: The Robyn Leveridge vacation story I mean it. 

I’m now, as I’m existing typing this, of an age where I am in charge of my day to day. You know,  what I eat, where I choose to go and who to do it with. And when I, and you perhaps were younger our family’s ran our day to day. I lived in a simple house with strict and completely relevant rules, inclusive of where and when I’d be able to “go out.” For many summers I sat in my home from June to September watching the same shows Sunday- Sunday, which obviously got boring after the third year when all your friends were out living their best 15 year old lives. After the summers of staying home all day ended, a transitional adult period of summer happened. My summers quickly shifted from watching the same shows Sunday to Sunday to working the whole summer from Monday to Friday. I didn’t mind it because it was my first brush with the true value of a dollar.  But when this more adult season in my life came around I quickly got exhausted. I would have school from September to May and Work from May to September and it just got sickening to me. And all this time I’d commute between work and home with a handful of friend filled outings to my name. 

This was the definition of summer to me, not the fun relaxing image one might expect, but this summer was undeniably beautiful. This year obviously is my most mature year as I am the oldest ever (yes I’m Miss states the obvious) and coincidedly it’s my most freeing year. I got to live life by the beat of my own drum this summer and I loved it. I thought I would have been plagued with my childhood flashback of staying in all summer, because I put of work in the earlier months, but I wasn’t.  I travelled my island to Negril and back multiple times. I went on a river tour in St. Elizabeth and got up close and terrifyingly personal with numerous crocodiles. I discovered secret beaches. Started my Youtube channel. Visited St. Ann, drove on our new high way. Spent time with family. Ate jumbo shrimp in Margaritaville while smiling and chatting with Mr.B. I deepened friendships, I said goodbye to some best friends. I went on a couples weekend with Mr.B that was simply the best trip of our lives. I worked on my blog, got sick, got better. Enjoyed milestones, my blog turned one. I enjoyed my birthday. I got disappointments and learned from them. I ate locally grown grapes. I worked at my first fashion show. I saw my first behind the scenes of a fashion shoot. I had a surprise birthday party. I saw my parents wedding album and got reminded of my dads face ( Rest In Peace Martin, we love you).  I found out about Casey Neistat (now I’m obsessed). I got closer to my God. I changed my hair and I loved that I had every one of those experiences. I shared each with people I truly love. 

I am so grateful for each moment I have enjoyed. I had no expectations for Summer 16 and each experiences have left a lasting effect on me. This is grossly different from Summer 15 but I’m not sad about the contrast. I do urge you though, if you haven’t had a typical relaxing or exciting summer then try and take some time for once.  There are so many Jamaicans/ people who haven’t travelled to the parishes I’ve gone to or who have had fractions of the memories I have and that is the most humbling thing. This is why I’m so grateful for Summer 16 in Jamaica because just last year I was one of those people.  

vacation beach-front

Thank you for stopping by Leveridged Lives.  How was your Summer 2k16?

 What  was one thing you were amazed by during your Summer? 

Photos from our trips this year


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