New York Fashion Week 2016 : Tom Ford Fall Winter 2016



Starting of my fashion week commentary with a major player in the fashion world, Tom Ford.  He is one of America’s most recognizable designers whose collections never ceases to amaze.  He’s known for his classic designs and his star studded clientele.  His restaurant runway show included bold accessories which strikes as a prominent theme throughout the show.  In the opening ensemble you’re immediately drawn to the belted waist of the top, coupled with a bold neck piece and matching earnings.  The multi buckled belts are seen repeated in different colours, on different pieces within the show.  Tom Ford designs for the modern woman but in this latest show there was a twist.  The modern woman with a dominatrix background.  Strong metal chokers and belted waists over the classic pencil skirt and blouse added a daring edge to an otherwise normal look.  

Key Fall trends were also seen on the runway, furs, leather, knee high boots plus long coats.  The pieces were produced in natural tones, mossy greens and tanned browns. Midnight blacks, lightning whites and the recognizable animal prints.  He reinvented the classic jacket and added much needed personality to men’s wear with some statement blazers.  The flow of the show made your eyes sparkle as each piece, modelled to each corner of the stage. He cleverly changed the mood of the show to show of his winter ready gowns in their rich velvet fabrics with shimmering details and fur additions.  Those gowns will be beautiful on the modern woman who wishes to dazzle at the Christmas party.  This collection screamed Fall in the most Tom Ford way possible, in the most fashionably classic way.  He designs for the millennial mind.  He is even more of an innovator by introducing his Fall ready-to-wear line into the show-now-shop-now consumer friendly shopping tool, where avid fashion lovers no longer have to wait months for items from the runway the items are readily available. 


Images from Tom Ford Ready-To-Wear Fall/ Winter 2016


Belted detail.

bold metal necklace.jpg

Bold neck piece


Earth tones.


Natured prints.













Long coats.


Coats with belt detail.












Male jacket.

bold blazer.jpg

Statement blazer.













Fall fur.


Animal print.













Mixed fabrics.


Statement Coat.












Thank you for stopping by Leveridged Lives. What Fall trend is your favourite? Leave it in the comments below. 

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Images by Vogue.


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