How to Wear the Classic T-shirt



spent all of yesterday and a little of last night trying to figure out how to start this blog post.  I still don’t know how, despite you reading this.  I wanted something that attracted you from the first line, for instance if I had  started with boom shacka lacka you’d probably be in tuned to find  out what exciting boom shacka lackian information I had.  Sadly this is not the case.  I just decided to start, just start typing and vear what I say to the importance of basics in the wardrobe and my absolute obsession of one style staple at the minute, the basic Tshirt. 

I am, as I said before, loving T-shirts right now.  Not just your regular fit either.  I’m all about the oversized, borderline boyfriend fit, I’m talking 3xL making cashiers double check each time I buy one, over sized and it has to be a V neck.  The deeper the V and the more oversized the top, the happier I am.  Right now I only have them in black, white, grey and a beautiful purple. By the way you should follow the blog for future shacka lackian posts, or on Bloglovin for ease.  What was I saying?  Oh yes I just love these T-shirts. They are without a doubt the best thing to throw on when the stress of an outfit is looming over your head.  I know a few ladies may not feel that they are great because a T-shirt is so casual, and making casual pieces look appropriate for a night out or a simple brunch date may be difficult, because the aim is to always look your best which equivalates to dressier pieces. 

The rule to casual chic dressing is simple, find an aesthetic that suits you and the T-shirt trend will fall into place in your wardrobe.  I’ll have a whole new youtube video on how to style basics i. e the plain T-shirt with more tips for you to follow.  Confidence in your outfit will definitely help you pull it off as well.  My style T-shirt is a loose fit, baggy T, I like the oversized trend and I rocked my outfit confidently because I was comfortable in the style. Mr.B and I went for lunch and worked on some stuff while we were out and about and though I was in a T-shirt and jeans combo everyone noticed me, either when I walked by or whenever I entered a room. I actually noticed the subtle stairs for once plus I just did my hair which made me look more put together. The point of the matter is basics can make a cool outfit, and the T-shirt is a must have wardrobe staple in every closet. You just  have to find your style and rock it with confidence. 

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T- shirt – Active Basics || Jeans – Moto || Heels – Anne Michelle 


Thank you for stopping by Leveridged lives. What fashion basics you just can’t live without? Let me know in the comment section and don’t forget to like and share. 

Photographs by F.Blake


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