New In Wardrobe: Hermes Oran Sandals insp.



love these sandals, they’re different from the others I own.  The colour is beautiful and the pony hair adds the right amount of uniqueness to boost their interest level.  Action speaks louder than words, or maybe on the same wavelength and boy have I seen some actions as reactions.  I’ve only worn them a couple times, and each time I’ve worn them I’ve noticed the one of stare at my feet as I pass by, mostly women.  They appreciate the aesthetic.  


In the office I work in there’s a small boutique on the ground floor that sells all sorts of clothing, but honestly the pieces in there were not my style, so the hope of ever finding anything in there was zero.  However being a woman who proudly loves to shop/ window shop my eyes constantly wandered to the store each time, as if I was hoping to find one golden piece.  This continued for weeks, where I would walk by the boutique and be disappointed, until…  One day on my usual peruse of the store expecting to be, once again disappointed I noticed a blue sandal in a familiar silhouette  perched in the widow.  It didn’t evoke a curiosity in me to look closer, but it was a nice addition to the store front I thought.  A few days passed and I couldn’t get the store front sandals out of my mind, so I decided to go and try them on, to settle my spirit, as any normal person would.  And I did, and they fit and were cute and then I left them.  I went about my life, drinking water first thing in the morning, doing my make-up,sleeping every lunch time and filing enrollments.  Those sandals didn’t change my life.  But, they did after I searched for them on Pinterest after having vivid flashbacks of me in store trying them on.  Admittedly I went back to get them two days later, and I haven’t looked back since! ( Que 90’s freeze frame) 



 OH!  They’re not real Hermes, they are just a really good dupe.  I really love them, they’re super comfy and great mainly because of the slip on style.  I wore them along with this outfit to the movies , Suicide Squad, I know very very late, but it made for a good outfit. Don’t you think? 

Denim button down -George || Jeans – BlueNote || Sandals – HQ

Speaking about Canadian Tuxedos I have a whole new Youtube video with styling tips linked in the description box. Be sure to check it out if you’re a denim lover like moi.

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Photographs by F.Blake



  1. Yo, I love those shades mama! They old fashioned by they still fly. Yea, it’s always nice to have accessory pieces in your wardrobe, esp, shoes. I want a pair of red flats, you know like Dorothy’s in the Wizard of Oz? Cause red, like blue, is the new black kna’mean? …Goes with everything.



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