How to Mix Bold Prints



guess this fashion blogging thing is working out because I was invited to an event by the local observer for stylish people to celebrate Jamaica’s edition of fashion’s night out 2k16.  Somebody over there must be skimming through my instagram and liked my #ootds.  Though I probably played it cool, I was actually freaking out at the thought of going to this event. I wanted to meet other fashion bloggers, pick their brains about our local industry, exchange contacts and just make new friends and promote my brand, spread the word a little.  After the excitement of being invited died down the anxiety of picking an outfit rose.  This was a fashion event for Jamaica’s stylish people, dressing bad could make or break me (not that serious) how can I stand out and still be unapologetically me?  Luckily I had a +1 option and seeing as Mr.B is the other half of Leveridged Lives he clearly earned the spot. Turning to my fellow I asked, you know to see what he thought I should wear A cleavage showing blazer with pants. You look great in pants.  Thank you, thank you very much.  So I decided to search for those.  Hell no I’m not wearing something out of my closet, I could have, but what I wanted, I didn’t own so I had to get it.  PRINTS.  Not matching prints I decided to mix my prints . 

I went shopping a week before the event, well in my mind I went looking.  I never purchase on the same day.  I browsed and found a store that I thought would have a good selection on blazers.  I went in and was swiftly pointed to the blazer section, then I did the little dance around looking at tops I would never buy because their blazer selection was crap.  I started walking out and in the corner, as if no one cared were some pretty cool printed trousers.  I skipped through and saw a navy blue based trouser with white and red asian flowers dispersed all over it in the most amazing pattern and thought that one would look great.  Then I left the store.  It takes me about 2-5 days to actually purchase pieces, it’s a part of my whole shopping process it actually makes sense once you know it.  Days have passed and I still haven’t got a blazer to “go” with the look I have in my head.  

I was sort of down now, because I’m thinking that my outfit won’t look how I want it and now I have to change it, I wasn’t in the mood but I kept hope alive.  So I popped into one of my favourite stores to see if they had anything of interest.  They had a few plain coloured blazers and cool looking pants but nothing caught my eye.  With a further in depth look I noticed they had some printed blazers, but they were in floral prints with neon colours and oh boy was I turned of.  Each one I picked was so far from the vibe of what I wanted to wear, now I really wasn’t in the mood.  I kept looking through the selection any way and picked up a blue and white rose patterned blazer.  It looked quite nice actually.  Cool cut, decent style, so I tried it on.  It fit great, it looked cool, I made a mental note then I left.  Went home to think about my outfit.

I finally decided on my final look, I went back and got my OVI trousers and my OVI blazer, different stores complete coincidence and styled up my asian floral print trousers with my rose patterned blazer. Paired with some single sole heels and my black plunging neckline bodysuit to get this very cool looking mixed print outfit.  I played with the floral print on both pieces while choosing an eye catching colour to bring it all together, the white from the delicate florals on the trouser were so contrasting to the navy that it paired perfectly with the bold patches of white from the blazer.  I loved this outfit and so did the other guys at the event.  I got compliments and reposts, I felt pretty fashionable.  The event turned out to be a party so no mingling, I still enjoyed myself, big up to the DJ and I forgot to set my makeup with my setting spray so I kind of looked like a ghost.  You win some, you lose some and you forget to set some.  No big deal at least I look good in these pictures right !?

Tips for mixing print: don’t go overboard with individual patterns, choose a tone/ or connecting colour, show a bit of skin or block colour to break up the prints, go with simple accessories and only wear with confidence, even if your face looks like the ghost of fashions past, it will show. 

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Photographs by F.Blake 



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