The Best Lip Colour for a Navy Look



of the hardest parts of pulling of an outfit is one, the actual outfit and two the make-up you pair with the outfit.  It’s hard enough trying to find the right heels to go with your look then there’s added pressure trying to figure out what lipstick colour goes with your top.  One safe way to ensure you have the best pairing is to look around in magazines of what shades go together and which colours should be extinct.  A great colour match I saw was pairing a navy top and a burgundy lip.  Oh the nautical nostalgia.  The rich tones of burgundy brings a sensual vibe that bounces of the cool tones of the navy.

Seeing that it is Fall, now is the perfect time to pull off a dark lip without preconceived notions.  Matte lipsticks have taken over, I repeat taken over the beauty world so pairing a matte lip with my navy sweater top was a no brainer.  This lippie is the Color Pop matte liquid lipstick LAX which is an amazing oxblood red deep tone.  It’s a really beautiful shade.  This outfit is easy for a quick dinner with the girls at that bar you favourited, or dressing it up with some heels like I did for a chill date night. My favorite part next to the amazing Fall colour combo is my white “choker” which is just a scarf I tied around my neck.  I really love this colour combination because it transcends barriers, no matter your age or ethnicity.  You could be beautifully juvenile at 16 with this look or a living historian in your 80’s looking amazing with your story lines.  The oxblood burgundy really looks amazing with navy pieces and it’s a great look for Fall. 

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Photographs by F.Blake 


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