Tuesday SHOESday : Gucci

gucci-fur-lined-loafers gold-gucci-pump


right now I can’t afford Gucci loafers, wait can I?  My bank called they said no!  I can still virtually own them by pinning each and every style to my appropriately named #Shoesday board on Pinterest. You should follow me there by the way. These loafers are everything and more, sorry for sounding like an American tween just now, but these loafers are beautiful. Jumping right on the trend waggon, but not really, I can’t get enough of Gucci. They are my favourite house right now hands down. Season after season has been absolute perfection from accessories to staples like they’re amazing shoes. I would love a pair of their signature loafers, not because of the branding but it’s functionality. Not a sandal but not a simple flat, something that can dress up an outfit without changing its message. I am all about androgyny and loafers are one of the perfect pieces to help pull of such a look. I’ve seen them styled in so many ways, by all sorts of women and have yearned for my pair to add to the sartorial inspiration. I’ve always loved shoes with a bit more personality and these Gucci’s are they. Plus these are perfect for where I live. They are great for chillier rainy days and not too covered for our natural hot climate. While most persons not in the Caribbean will be exchanging their loafers for ankle boots and tights, you can’t deny that the Gucci loafer in all its styles had an amazing run.

Of all of Gucci’s creations I’m most fond of their loafers, but their other shoes are pretty cool. The mules are different from the “normal” average mule styles that are all over socials. The structure of them are far from basic, with the criss crossed leather straps and the jeweled heel, they will definitely make a statement. The not so outrageous styles still have personality because of the colours they come in, beautiful metallics and the telling primary colours that Gucci is known for. As much as I could sit here and gush about Gucci’s distinctive and gorgeous designs I won’t mislead you in thinking that all that shimmers is Gucci. The new pump design with the pilgrim look isn’t my cup of tea. I think I could pull them off, style them up with some super skinny cropped jeans a few inches above the ankle with a great oversized blouse and matching the GG on the shoes to a statement Gucci belt. So they can be styled and look great, but for more of a Summer or early Autumn look. I don’t see much use in wearing them when it gets colder (speaking for those in temperate regions) or much styling options once the centigrade drop. However they do have an ankle boot option and I believe a more mid thigh boot option with the same pilgrim design can be worn in the colder months but I just think they’re ugly. Anywho that’s it for today’s #TuesdaySHOESday. 

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Question of the day

What Gucci shoe are you in love with?

printed-gold-gucci-loafer gucci-backless-loafer


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