Sitting Front Row at the Fashion Shows

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guys, long time no chat.  It’s been a while. The longest I’ve ever taken from blogging since I’ve started.  I felt fractured without putting in my weekly two cents on the fashion world. I can’t even explain to you how good it feels to be writing a fresh post right now.  But anyway, you guessed it from the title, I sat front row at the fashion shows.  Not London or New York so don’t get jealous. If you remember a few months back I was invited to a fashion party for Jamaica’s stylish.  It was a party to signify the launch of our version of fashions night out, similar to the one Vogue puts on in September.  Well the party was fun and I loved my outfit, it’s linked here  if you want to read about my beauty meltdown involving flash photography.  After the party came the after party which was on the night designated to take style out island wide.  I was geared up to support local boutiques and max out my cards (extremely hesitantly) when I got a message to come and view some amazing fashion, V.I.P style.  My little inexperienced heart fluttered with excitement.  Yes please! I’ll be there.  I couldn’t type it faster on whats app.  I didn’t go through major wardrobe anxiety finding an outfit this time, I wore my new favourite trousers and a gold metal meshed top, simple and no fuss. 


The shows were held at Devon House, most Jamaicans favourite creamery, on the lawns of the beautiful romantic great house.  After signing my name in at the gate I swiftly did what anyone else in V.I.P would do… I went for a drink, which was delicious by the way.  It was some Campari concoction, the name slips me.  While at the bar I saw my blogger friend, who gestured to me about our seats.  We went far from the bar, yes a mistake of the night but I loved where we ended up in the end, front row.  Initially we sat a few rows away from the front with an average view at best and definitely not the greatest for pictures.  When the models hit the runway we both leaped up, cameras in toe and ran to the side of the stage to get our perfect shots.  During each presentation we ended up standing so we decided to move ourselves to the front row, where we could sit, comment on looks, drink and enjoy our night while snap snap snapping away. If moving yourself to the front row isn’t affirmative action, I don’t know what is.  Could you imagine going to your first major runway show and all you did to sit in the front row was move your chair?  Was that the secret the entire time?  I don’t want to comment on the fashion in the actual shows I just wanted to tell you about my night.  

Something I found really cool by the end of the night was how full circle my life has been within a few months.  Just a couple of months ago I was the one dressing models and helping fit them with designers backstage, only looking at the fashion as they ran by half undone to be replaced by a new look (here).  And to think a few weeks ago I sat V.I.P, drink in hand chatting away as these same designers who I once helped sent their creations down the runway.  I saw a few mishaps on the catwalk, a few undone zips, too small shoes, hair disheveled.  But I didn’t criticize because I know first hand how hard backstage can be, but I love it anyway. 


Question of the day

When did you experience your first fashion show? My first fashion show was when I was 5 years old, I walked (I have no clue what for ) but I was cute.   

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