Was This The Biggest Denim Trend of 2016?



has been a pretty amazing year for fashion.  I’m not sure if it’s my new found love and appreciation of fashion that has made me swoon over everything this year, or if it has been  a really great year.  I think also the fashion this year was the revamped version of everything I normally loved, done with more style and flair.  One of my absolute favourite things to wear are jeans.  Yes it’s a staple and everyone owns a pair but I really love denim. My collection has grown this year, I’m still missing a few key styles but where I’m at right now is pretty good.  They can be worn in most circumstances and the styling possibility is literally endless.  I love it so much I even did a lookbook on denim on denim looks.  My obsession deepened this year as designers decided to elevate the regular jeans pant.  Patch work and next level distressing has moved us pleasantly away from the staple skinny jean and now it’s all about how raw is your hem? 

Raw hemmed jeans are admittedly my favourite style to be birthed out of 2016.  I mean it’s so stylish and edgy it brings any outfit to life.  It makes you look so put together in an effortless way which is my styling mantra.  No one wants to look like they’ve tried too hard and this look is it.  Imagine wearing a simple button down, a classic pair of heels with some indigo jeans with the most subtle raw hem. Trust me, girls will stare from across the room wondering where you got those from.  I love the whole distressed denim trend and the process of finding creative ways to class it up, but the raw hem removes that struggle without taking away the cool girl effect.  I kid you not when I say I love this trend because the styling possibilities are actually endless and the hem choices are immeasurable.



They are perfect for a casual day like nipping to the groceries store or to the nail salon.  Throw on a T-shirt with a fitted pair of raw hemmed jeans and some strappy sandals to bring the attention south of your ankle, add a cute shoulder bag and your casually chic with no fuss.  Or fem it up by doing a sexy bodysuit that shows of your figure, or an enticing blouse showing of your better assets tucked into a cleaner pair of raw hemmed denim with heels that will walk over the self esteem of your enemies!  Maybe style it with a masculine flair, there’s always something sexy about a little androgyny. Those are some simple ways to style this trend and if you’re in the need for more inspiration follow me on instagram, I post a few outfit of the days with many including my raw hem denim. I diy my pair because I couldn’t find it anywhere and the pair of jeans I chose were too long for me any way.  So I took to them with my scissors and created this cool hem.  If you want to learn how to create your own raw hem pair like this one I shot or a more detail asymmetric style make sure to follow the blog by entering your email to ensure you’re updated when I post the next diy post. 

Question of the day

What has been your favourite fashion trend of 2016? 



I’m going to be doing my fashion round ups of the year on trends and style I truly adored through 2016.  Don’t forget to FOLLOW the blog for more content, not only fashion and to catch me on the socials and also to subscribe to the Leveridged Lives youtube channel.  It was a pleasure typing for ya, later babes.

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Photos by F. Blake



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