The Secret to Getting Healthy Glowing Skin With Coffee

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are lovely people out there whose life mantra is about expressing one’s beauty from within.  The mind and the soul are where true beauty lives and these are what we should nourish.  A great personality may take you far in life but that outlook is too simple for the world we live in, where it has become the norm for your occupational status to read – pretty, desired by all.  Our society today praises the outward appearance as if it’s the newest discovery of the 21st century.  The beauty and fashion industry’s earnings has skyrocketed because we are all competing for that unattainable “natural” beauty.  But like the heroes of the cosmetic world, personality models need to look perfect in order for them to continue on the road to fame and success i.e having the biggest designers requesting them to display their latest masterpiece.  But just like them, we non models hope to exude such flawless beauty in our everyday lives.  I too want to post a pic yacht side and have someone swoon over the  natural glow of my skin all on a budget of the yacht cleaning crew assuming its an average paying job.  Oh how happy was the day when I walked down the street and someone stopped to ask me what foundation was I wearing and I proudly said “I’m actually not wearing any today but I normally wear …”  It was all in an at home remedies days work. 



I’m naturally quite a yellow human and in the times I hide from daylight like the youth retaining vampires of the world my complection may shift from yellow to neon pale I know the description is off, where it turns into the shielding game when I walk in bright sunlight, because I shine so bright you can literally see me miles away.  So the fight for glowy healthy skin wasn’t one I particularly suffered with constantly.  However the dry eczema ridden skin was one, which on bad days can turn me into a less than healthy looking version of myself.  But after hearing someone make subtle mention to an interesting remedy years ago plus also having it on standby at home pushed me to try it out to see if there’s truth to the trick.  Coffee.  Well the grounds left over from Mr.B’s successful trial of cold-brew coffee that I let sit in the fridge.  After deciding I was done with flaky skin I took the cold grounds into the shower and promptly exfoliated my body in its entirety. The coarseness of the grounds really worked away any dead skin cells and the caffeine worked to plump up my skin in a safe way, filling it with caffeine to kick-start my replenishing motors. Mixing the coldness with the caffeine woke up the skin bringing its healthy colour back.  After washing away the coffee and feeling my skin I was literally shocked at how soft and plump my skin felt.  I felt so beautiful inside and especially out!  I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a boost. 


I dreaded the day we ran out of coffee grounds because I knew it would be awhile before he decided to brew another batch which would give me the elixir of youth. The coffee has been the best scrub I’ve ever used.  I’m not completely heartbroken about finishing the coffee because I have more natural remedies to keep me looking 18, plus a sample sachet from an event goodie bag.  In the circumstance where I may be away from Mr.B or on a trip, I can always hunt for a coffee scrub in store and the sache I have on standby is locally produced so no issues there.  I just felt efficient recycling the grounds for beauty, I even used a little in a compost for my pineapples health. Life update I’m growing a pineapple.  Yes this is about coffee but I ain’t spilling all the tea on how to like you’re in highschool again while on the budget of a teenager.  That’s for another post so make sure you’re following the blog to hear about my other beauty secrets involving peppers and garlic.  


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Question of the day

Would you try the coffee exfoliant? 

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