How to DIY Raw Hem Jeans in 3 Easy Steps



promised in my last fashion blog post where we discussed the sartorial perfection that is raw hemmed jeans, I promised that I would share how I created my very own.  If you want to hear me gush about the major denim trend of the year then make sure to check out the post here but if you want to update a once loved pair of your favourite blue jeans into a very cool version of itself then continue reading. 

A simple diy is the best kind of diy and this one falls right in line with that notion.  Now I may set out and describe the steps for you and how I designed my own pair, but feel free to spice it up in whatever way you deem fit.  I’m serving merely as your guidance.  The fun thing about diy and fashion is that it should suit you style, however and whatever way you want to rock a piece you should go ahead and do it.  Maybe my diy is too conservative for you and you want it a little bit more raunchy, or maybe I used indigo jeans and you prefer light wash.  It doesn’t matter what I used, it’s what you want that makes fashion and styling so perfect. Now enough motivational babbling let’s get on to the diy.  



What you’ll need

denim of your choice || scissors (cutting device) || tweezers 

How to create a raw hem 

First with the denim of your choice measure the length you’d like your new hem to hit around your legs.  Take into consideration that when we begin the distressing, the hem may present itself shorter than where you’ve measured, and the loose threading (distressing) will fall past the measured line.  After you’ve found the perfect length use your scissors to cut a jagged line horizontally across each leg (least perfect the better).  If you’ve decided to create an asymmetrical hem cut horizontal lines across each leg at each desired length.  Using your tweezers pull the horizontal white threads out from the cuts from the new hem.  In pulling these it exposes the vertical blue threads giving the raw hem effect. For additional distressing cut small horizontal strips where desired then pull the vertical blue threads out to reveal the white  horizontal distressing.  

measuring-new-hem cutting-new-hem distressing hem.jpg  distressing-denim


















Those were the basics steps on how to create your own personalized pair of raw hemmed jeans.  It’s super easy and lots of fun and  I hope you guys enjoyed.  If the tweezing gets too tedious start up your fav youtube channel and have it rolling in the background.  There’s so much that could be done, you could add patches to your denim or cool bright stitching. You could have the distressing going in a specific pattern.  The opportunities are endless.  I’ve done two pairs now, a more conservative pair and a fun crazy pair. They perfectly show my two main personalities, yes I’m a Gemini.

streetstyle-denim-2 distressed-denim-2

Question of the day

Do you like diy projects?

I hope you guys found this post useful, do let me know if you did by commenting below.  Don’t forget to share this post to help other fashionistas out there and remember to follow the blog by entering your email in the top right hand corner after you’ve clicked follow. Find me on the socials @RobLeveridged on

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Photos in part by F.Blake


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