2016 Kicked My Ass But It Was FABULOUS!



I’m sitting here typing up what is to be my last blog post of 2016, I’m reminiscing on the previous 360+ days I’ve spent in this hell hole of a year.  Scrolling through my instagram would reassure me that everyone else on earth has had the same shock of a year.  I’m not sure if you guys remember but 2016 literally started of with me in tears, as I came home in the wee hours of the new year to find the home I sometimes share with my boyfriend ransacked and burglarized.  From that moment I knew 2016 would be a year of serious shockers and low moments.  Or was it?  Without a doubt 2016 is a year that will go down in history for many of us.  We’ve lived to see a reality star previously known for his crass demeanor be elected president of the free world, along with the day Kim Kardashian came offline.  We’ve seen the deaths of pure geniuses this year like Prince and David Bowie, and even more in the last few days of the year as 2016 racked up its body count. Rest in peace princess Leia and your mother Debbie Reynolds who brought me many years to Halloween Town.  But as I go on to think back on this year and really seat myself on the brain train I couldn’t help but think, was 2016 the worst year of our lives? 


 For me?  No.  2016 may have kicked my ass but it was FABULOUS.  I had  more ups than downs this year which made it a good year.  Right after the robbery I enjoyed a relaxing day with Mr.Bs family, venturing up rivers and enjoying Jamaicas extraordinary beauty.  That was the tone for my 2016, the year of emotional oscillations.   Through the year I had some great highs like working backstage at my first fashion show (read more here).  Being up close and personal with a few designers, helping out the models and just being in the palaver was fantastic for me.  I got invited to a few fashion events through blogging and met a few other local bloggers.  Not to mention my blog hit 1  (read more here) which was the biggest accomplishment.  2016 faced me with some cool opportunities and really set the groundwork for my future.  In the eloquent words of Kylie Jenner, this was a year of realizing things.  I mean, I honestly thought that 2016 was going to be my it year, I thought I would accomplish soooo many things but alas I didn’t, but it hasn’t brought me down. 


I won’t sit here having you think that I didn’t cry a few times this year because I did.  I felt the heart wrenching soul sucking force of 2016.  My strongest friendships are dwindling and being thrown in different directions.  My clock is ticking and I’m nowhere I thought I’d be.  I hit a whole new crippling level of grief and I’ve seen beautiful family members pass this year.  So I’m in agreement that 2016 hit with intent to harm, it’s just that a few of us were strong enough to escape some of her punches.  2016 is one of those years that will make you sit down and evaluate your life, where did I go wrong and how can I fix it?  I can only hope and pray that 2017 is nothing like 2016. I won’t predict anything our ridiculously hope for world peace or flourishings, I’m going to live each day at a time.  See where the wind takes me as each calendar day is ripped, crumpled and thrown into our past.  So as 2016 ends and 2017 lunges forward stand to think in capsules. Think about each day, not each week or month.  Live today like it’s the best day and stop trying to predict what’s to come.  I remember at midnight Jan 1 2016 I hoped for whatever the hell I did and 2016 turned out differently.  As I said, I won’t predict anything for the new year but I will name it.  Serendity.  The year of marvelous surprises. 


Happy New Year My Darlings! 

Thank you so much for stopping by Leveridged Lives I hope you’re excited for the 2017 chapter of the blog. Follow me as Leveridged Lives hits 2 this year! 

Photos by F.Blake



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