How I Expected to Spend New Years Eve


Failure to succeed, devastates you.  Success in all fronts, puts you over the moon.  And anything in-between leaves you in limbo.  But what about those times where you fail and end up under the moon and on a star?  I had huge plans to ring in the new year.  I wanted to be fabulous at 12 and I wanted everything around me to be fabulous at 12.  That’s always my plan for the new year.  I strongly believe in however you start the year cosmically sets the tone for its remainder.  And with that I aimed for fabulous.  But as the days drew to an end with time running out, it seemed as if my expectations would leave me falling below my fabulous threshold.  I wanted champagne dreams and firework kisses but in the days leading up I found no companion to share a pic with as it hit 12.  This friend was sick and that friend is busy and the rest… 


Feeling dreary in the final 24 of 16 had me searching for anything that would at least lift my spirits.  With the perfect timing of my God I got invited to a beach trip.  Psyching myself up and eager to spend the day with Mr.B had me re-evaluating my champagne expectations.  I thought maybe I could trade them in for sea breeze kisses.  I’m not sure if it was the evening sky, the semblance of family or the intoxication of sailing into the new year with new expectations that left me blissful and calm, but something did.  I found it odd that I was happy though my expectations had failed, normally I would feel afraid, afraid of all the failures.  Afraid that if I don’t party at midnight then I won’t celebrate in the year.  Afraid that if there’s no fireworks then my own shine will fizzle.  Afraid that if everything’s not perfect then nothing will ever be and I’m afraid that if I don’t hope so deep that I’ll fail. But in this time I wasn’t afraid. 


Being on that beach did something for my psyche .  It made me realise the serendipity in failed expectations.  It made me trust myself and put life into perspective.  Yes I missed the party with the fancy dress, but I made to church with my family by my side in my pretty sparkly top. I always feel better whenever I go to church, I feel a shift in the atmosphere and the grace in the air. So I expected to go to a party filled with strangers with similar champagne dreams but I got the best new year hoping and making faithful wishes. My new years eve was drastically different from what I expected but it turned out to be exactly what I needed, I was under the moon but still on a star.

I spent the first day relaxing.  I had no plans, no interruptions and no troubles. My mind was at ease and I had no fuss in the world.  I went to bed happy the night before and woke up still being my fabulous self.  Maybe it was the beach waves or the sandy shore or smiling with Mr.B that had me feeling on top of the world and ready to take on 2017. I have no idea what’s in store but I’ve learned my lesson, I won’t be expecting anything.  


Question of the day

How did you celebrate the new year?

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Photos by F. Blake


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