I have to Stop Blogging for Awhile.


feel like that friend who you haven’t heard from in two weeks, only to find out from their instagram that they’ve been living their best life in Europe and you’re like we had plans!  When did you?…  How did you?…  I mean I kick started 2017 with all these wonderful posts, never missing a day.  Even burdening you with my resolutions only to leave you high and dry in the middle of January.  How hard does she procrastinate?  No it’s not that.  I’m actually living my best life just not blogging about it.  Actually I am, I’m just not publishing.  I was very serious about new year new me.  I posted a short list on things I planned on working on this year and one of those was my blog.  And in working on my blog I’ve been instructed that I should hold off on publishing, so I have.  But it hit me like when you finally figured out that word you forgot three days ago that I hadn’t said anything on my actual blog, so that old and new readers don’t see me as a flaky bitch.  I’m not guys I promise!  So I’m taking an unofficial break from publishing on Leveridged Lives at the moment.  I really want to break new ground with the blog and hit some milestones this year and the best way to do it is in developing my site and making the reading experience that much better.  I’not sure when I’ll be back but hopefully very very very soon. 

Thank you for stopping by Leveridged Lives. I hope you understand that I’m taking this break to make this space a much better one. 


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