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How to Achieve this Seasons Top Jewellery trend


can be the most important part of your outfit.  Too much and you might look clownish, too little and you look a little undone.  The battle of should I wear this or shouldn’t I continues to rage on in our mentals when trying to finalize our looks.  Speaking from experience, I would go through ten necklaces before finally deciding that no necklace is the best bet.  While I’m one not to follow trends for trend sake, this current accessory trend has given me all the feels. It’s a little unorthodox with fantastic asymmetry. Earrings that is.  It’s all the rage to mix and match your precious ear pieces to create a chic look. Yes, buying a pair is normal but ditching one and pairing the other with something different is stylish.  Good girls and good guys work, but good girls look better with bad boys (sorry to the dads out there).There are some guide styles to pulling of this trend which are simple for the sartorial beginner.   


One is the chicest number we ever knew. Pop in one earring, keep it simple. This is the best way to jump on board with the trend. Wear just one of your bold stand out earrings to really make a statement. Or a simpler pair if it’s a classy occasion. 

Keep it in the same metal or stone family.  If you want to try it with your gold earrings that you got for your birthday, mix it with another gold piece in a similar finish.  


Though it’s all about the asymmetry we still need it to be cohesive. Keep it geometric or keep it abstract. You don’t have to match circles to circles or squares to squares per say but avoid mixing crazy shaped earrings with simpler styles. Lets just keep the x’s with o’s. Keep it geometrical or wildly abstract, never both.  

Play around with size. Here I paired a small mother of pearl earring with a larger Dior inspired pearl. You can mix it up, pair a small circular earring with a dangled version. This trend is all about adding interest to your ensemble without going over board.Plus it’s great for when you just cant find the other one.  


Question of the day

I loved the arm party jewellery trend, mixing bracelets with watches in different metals and styles. What was your favorite accessory trend? 


These guide styles are to give you a feel of this trend, but if you have a better more exciting method of mixing up your ear party then don’t let me stop you.  I hope you enjoyed this post, what are your thoughts on this seasons accessory trend?  I’d love to hear in the comments below.  Don’t forget to follow me on the socials, linked below and the blog for regular post updates on the latest fashion and style trends or my emotional battles.

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Photography by F.Blake