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I have to Stop Blogging for Awhile.


feel like that friend who you haven’t heard from in two weeks, only to find out from their instagram that they’ve been living their best life in Europe and you’re like we had plans!  When did you?…  How did you?…  I mean I kick started 2017 with all these wonderful posts, never missing a day.  Even burdening you with my resolutions only to leave you high and dry in the middle of January.  How hard does she procrastinate?  No it’s not that.  I’m actually living my best life just not blogging about it.  Actually I am, I’m just not publishing.  I was very serious about new year new me.  I posted a short list on things I planned on working on this year and one of those was my blog.  And in working on my blog I’ve been instructed that I should hold off on publishing, so I have.  But it hit me like when you finally figured out that word you forgot three days ago that I hadn’t said anything on my actual blog, so that old and new readers don’t see me as a flaky bitch.  I’m not guys I promise!  So I’m taking an unofficial break from publishing on Leveridged Lives at the moment.  I really want to break new ground with the blog and hit some milestones this year and the best way to do it is in developing my site and making the reading experience that much better.  I’not sure when I’ll be back but hopefully very very very soon. 

Thank you for stopping by Leveridged Lives. I hope you understand that I’m taking this break to make this space a much better one. 


New Year New Me… I Promise


wishes, hopes, aima.  Every year we bombard ourselves with ridiculous ideas of how we need to improve.  Some resolutions are necessary, while others are made to fit in.  Every year we feel this enormous pressure to do right by ourselves and society without putting the most important factor behind it.  What is the reason for the resolution?  Why do we make them?  It almost seems like resolutions are rites of passage.   If you don’t make any or at least five, then you can’t sit with us.  It’s even more obvious that resolutions are trends because people tend to put ridiculous outlandish things as their resolutions.  Travel to Bora Bora, where previously the only place they’ve ever gone was the town over, or learn a new language but they failed 8th grade Spanish. It seems to me that when it comes to making resolutions there’s less action and more fake. 


I get it, the whole reasoning behind a resolution, you know, new year new me… I promise.  It’s a new leaf, a new beginning therefore the best time for a new start.  But the attitude we approach resolutions with is the same as – I’ll start exercising on Monday.  What happens when Monday rolls around and cardio is the last thing on your mind?  Then it’s a wait until next Monday or next week or maybe the next month, and the no action all talk cycle continues.  This also happens in the new year because we don’t have the real drive to make a move forward and really fix what we saw as broken.  It’s okay to not have resolutions , rather it’s okay not to have “world-class” resolutions.  But if you insist on having resolutions you must understand that January isn’t the only month and it’s okay if plans span a longer period.  I see resolutions as a trap, a setup for failure if  not resolved.  In most cases you’re heartbroken because  the resolutions weren’t realistic or they weren’t made for the right reasons.  Losing 30 pounds in 30 days is not good, not safe, not healthy. Want to get married this year when you’re currently single, not good, not safe, not practical.  Hello remember Charlotte and Trey??? 


It’s always marvelous when someone tries to improve and grow, my mantra is to be forever learning and evolving, keeping things stirring.  As I said before, I get the whole idea behind resolutions.  I however don’t consider my resolutions as resolutions, more as stepping stones for a better life.  They are things that are actually necessary or important to me.  They are also things I’ve been working on leading up to 2017, and will continue to work on if not resolved this year.  Setting them out this way removes the self loathing and pressure of falling behind if I miss one.  For even more fire under my ass I’d set deadlines, realistic deadlines to keep me on track whenever I’m working on me. My resolutions are based on my life, solely Robyn they aren’t any politically correct bullshit like stop swearing or read a book once a week. With that being said here are my 2017 resolutions. 

New year new me… I promise. 

Get healthier – I’ve been struggling with my health and I’ve decided to stop fucking around( I didn’t promise to stop swearing) it’s getting to the point where I’m mad at myself because I keep suffering the consequences.

Keep active – Notice I said keep not start. I’m already active, but I want to be as active as when I was in high school. I did sports my entire secondary level which kept me fit for the most part and I want to get back to that state.

Financially vigilant – I need to learn how to handle my money. I mean really get a grip on things. Find ways to bring more in and keep it in, track it and grow it. Take part in better financial investments. I want to feel comfortable with my finances.

Stay confident – Right now I’m pretty confident and I aim on staying that way. I want to keep this feeling and learn ways to combat self loathing. Last year I fell of my confidence big time and it was pretty obvious, but as of right now I’m back on and I intend on staying so.

Better blogging – There’s always room for improvement and I have so much more to learn. I want to be on a new level and I refuse to let opportunities pass because my blogging isn’t where it should be. I want elevate and develop.

Keep moving – I don’t plan on gathering any moss. I need to keep interesting, diverse and fluid. What’s the point of life if you’re not evolving . I love to learn and I want to keep learning, I want a hefty repertoire.

Get closer to God – I’m not where I should be and I want to work on that. I could be waaay better. I read at least a verse a day, pray every morning, pray through the good and bad, but I could be waaay better.  


I don’t see a new year as a new leaf really or a new book.  I see it as a continuation of the book of life.  Chapter 2017.  I interpret it as another chapter.  One I knew was coming, not something that sprung up on me like a never before seen in the director’s cut.  I am aware it’s coming so I prepare for it by making resolutions that can be carried over from one chapter to the next because the story is continuing.  It is something new but it’s not a complete surprise.  You can get a feel of the chapter from the title but you won’t know what’s on page 265 until you reach it. So the best thing to do is taking one day at a time and work on your story.  Chapter 2017 has 365 pages with each filled with a little serendipity.  It’s great to plan and prepare resolutions as long as it’s for the right reasons.  



Top – Wet Seal || Jeans – Blue Note || Sandals – DIY  

Thank you so much for stopping by Leveridged Lives I hope to take charge with your 2017 resolutions. Or have you forgotten already. 

Photos by F. Blake


How I Expected to Spend New Years Eve


Failure to succeed, devastates you.  Success in all fronts, puts you over the moon.  And anything in-between leaves you in limbo.  But what about those times where you fail and end up under the moon and on a star?  I had huge plans to ring in the new year.  I wanted to be fabulous at 12 and I wanted everything around me to be fabulous at 12.  That’s always my plan for the new year.  I strongly believe in however you start the year cosmically sets the tone for its remainder.  And with that I aimed for fabulous.  But as the days drew to an end with time running out, it seemed as if my expectations would leave me falling below my fabulous threshold.  I wanted champagne dreams and firework kisses but in the days leading up I found no companion to share a pic with as it hit 12.  This friend was sick and that friend is busy and the rest… 


Feeling dreary in the final 24 of 16 had me searching for anything that would at least lift my spirits.  With the perfect timing of my God I got invited to a beach trip.  Psyching myself up and eager to spend the day with Mr.B had me re-evaluating my champagne expectations.  I thought maybe I could trade them in for sea breeze kisses.  I’m not sure if it was the evening sky, the semblance of family or the intoxication of sailing into the new year with new expectations that left me blissful and calm, but something did.  I found it odd that I was happy though my expectations had failed, normally I would feel afraid, afraid of all the failures.  Afraid that if I don’t party at midnight then I won’t celebrate in the year.  Afraid that if there’s no fireworks then my own shine will fizzle.  Afraid that if everything’s not perfect then nothing will ever be and I’m afraid that if I don’t hope so deep that I’ll fail. But in this time I wasn’t afraid. 


Being on that beach did something for my psyche .  It made me realise the serendipity in failed expectations.  It made me trust myself and put life into perspective.  Yes I missed the party with the fancy dress, but I made to church with my family by my side in my pretty sparkly top. I always feel better whenever I go to church, I feel a shift in the atmosphere and the grace in the air. So I expected to go to a party filled with strangers with similar champagne dreams but I got the best new year hoping and making faithful wishes. My new years eve was drastically different from what I expected but it turned out to be exactly what I needed, I was under the moon but still on a star.

I spent the first day relaxing.  I had no plans, no interruptions and no troubles. My mind was at ease and I had no fuss in the world.  I went to bed happy the night before and woke up still being my fabulous self.  Maybe it was the beach waves or the sandy shore or smiling with Mr.B that had me feeling on top of the world and ready to take on 2017. I have no idea what’s in store but I’ve learned my lesson, I won’t be expecting anything.  


Question of the day

How did you celebrate the new year?

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Thank you so much for stopping by Leveridged Lives. Even though my plans didn’t work out I hope yours do. 

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2016 Kicked My Ass But It Was FABULOUS!



I’m sitting here typing up what is to be my last blog post of 2016, I’m reminiscing on the previous 360+ days I’ve spent in this hell hole of a year.  Scrolling through my instagram would reassure me that everyone else on earth has had the same shock of a year.  I’m not sure if you guys remember but 2016 literally started of with me in tears, as I came home in the wee hours of the new year to find the home I sometimes share with my boyfriend ransacked and burglarized.  From that moment I knew 2016 would be a year of serious shockers and low moments.  Or was it?  Without a doubt 2016 is a year that will go down in history for many of us.  We’ve lived to see a reality star previously known for his crass demeanor be elected president of the free world, along with the day Kim Kardashian came offline.  We’ve seen the deaths of pure geniuses this year like Prince and David Bowie, and even more in the last few days of the year as 2016 racked up its body count. Rest in peace princess Leia and your mother Debbie Reynolds who brought me many years to Halloween Town.  But as I go on to think back on this year and really seat myself on the brain train I couldn’t help but think, was 2016 the worst year of our lives? 


 For me?  No.  2016 may have kicked my ass but it was FABULOUS.  I had  more ups than downs this year which made it a good year.  Right after the robbery I enjoyed a relaxing day with Mr.Bs family, venturing up rivers and enjoying Jamaicas extraordinary beauty.  That was the tone for my 2016, the year of emotional oscillations.   Through the year I had some great highs like working backstage at my first fashion show (read more here).  Being up close and personal with a few designers, helping out the models and just being in the palaver was fantastic for me.  I got invited to a few fashion events through blogging and met a few other local bloggers.  Not to mention my blog hit 1  (read more here) which was the biggest accomplishment.  2016 faced me with some cool opportunities and really set the groundwork for my future.  In the eloquent words of Kylie Jenner, this was a year of realizing things.  I mean, I honestly thought that 2016 was going to be my it year, I thought I would accomplish soooo many things but alas I didn’t, but it hasn’t brought me down. 


I won’t sit here having you think that I didn’t cry a few times this year because I did.  I felt the heart wrenching soul sucking force of 2016.  My strongest friendships are dwindling and being thrown in different directions.  My clock is ticking and I’m nowhere I thought I’d be.  I hit a whole new crippling level of grief and I’ve seen beautiful family members pass this year.  So I’m in agreement that 2016 hit with intent to harm, it’s just that a few of us were strong enough to escape some of her punches.  2016 is one of those years that will make you sit down and evaluate your life, where did I go wrong and how can I fix it?  I can only hope and pray that 2017 is nothing like 2016. I won’t predict anything our ridiculously hope for world peace or flourishings, I’m going to live each day at a time.  See where the wind takes me as each calendar day is ripped, crumpled and thrown into our past.  So as 2016 ends and 2017 lunges forward stand to think in capsules. Think about each day, not each week or month.  Live today like it’s the best day and stop trying to predict what’s to come.  I remember at midnight Jan 1 2016 I hoped for whatever the hell I did and 2016 turned out differently.  As I said, I won’t predict anything for the new year but I will name it.  Serendity.  The year of marvelous surprises. 


Happy New Year My Darlings! 

Thank you so much for stopping by Leveridged Lives I hope you’re excited for the 2017 chapter of the blog. Follow me as Leveridged Lives hits 2 this year! 

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