Lifes Locations

These posts are meant to fill the wanderlust in you. Allow me to take you on trips to new places and destinations.

Summer 2016 in JAMAICA


rumors and the association that I am Jamaican therefore I live on / walk by a beach everyday are ridiculously exaggerated and the (more…)


Postcards of París


Bonjour, je suis amoureux de Paris mais je ne suis jamais allé . Je pense que chaque fille est secrètement. 

I’m in love with places I’ve never been, with people I haven’t met.  Some of my posts are about dreaming and doing and simply how to achieve your life goals.  This one, not so much. (more…)

Status update: OFFLINE👤


Okay I’m going to predict something. I predict that you are reading, reading on some sort of device. A laptop, hmmn a cell phone!  Maybe a desktop? Was I right? No question I was. Our generation does everything online. We (more…)